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What i am about.

Anyone can take a photo of you smiling for the camera. That camera smile is beautiful, but you’ve probably got hundreds of photos of it. You’re hiring me for something different.

A good photograph is more than just an image of a person. When you look at a photo I’ve taken, I want to you to remember the moment. I want you to feel the connection. I want to capture your relationship. And if I haven’t done that, I want you to tell me. I’ll make it right.

My specialty is candid shoots. It can be difficult to get good candid photos – the subjects might feel self-conscious or be stiff and unnatural. The photographer might make suggestions that seem contrived or forced. The resulting photos will be awkward, and no one wants that. My approach is designed to eliminate these potential roadblocks.

So, what am I about?


For every shoot, I book 30 minutes more than the actual photography is going to take. I spend that extra time getting to know you, trying to understand you, so that I can do you justice when it’s time to turn the camera on. Together, we set the mood for the shoot. It’s just a little extra time, but it makes a big difference in taking photos that reflect your story.


When it’s time to start clicking, I’ll talk to you, ask you questions, get you to react, and play you off your loved ones to spark authentic interactions that make great photos. If you’re doing a solo portrait shoot, I will ask you to bring a loved one with you to help you relax and feel comfortable. I’m looking to capture the inner spirit that shines when you’re with someone you love.


A professional photo shoot is an investment. You need to love your photos. That’s why I offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the photos, you don’t pay. It’s that simple. I also offer the option to do a reshoot.

Try me.

I believe good photography should be accessible. That’s why I run a monthly promotion for a free service. To receive updates, including information on the monthly freebie, sign up here.

I offer portrait photography, family photography, couples and engagement photography as well as event photography in the Four Corners, including Farmington, NM; Aztec, NM; Bloomfield, NM; Durango, CO; Bayfield, CO and surrounding areas.

To see more of my work, check out my portfolio. If you’ve got questions, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

You wrote the story. Let me illustrate it.

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