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An Exciting Time

Hey guys,

July has been a fun month, i have gotten in A LOT of fun photoshoots. I had the pleasure of wrapping up my July with 3 amazing photoshoots.

So the first one we will go over is Interesting. Cody A

So ive know this guy for YEARS y'all. I had been doing alot of portraits for girls, but haven't really gotten any with male subjects. So after talking to him a bit, we both haven't seen each other in probably over 5 years. So we decided to get together, hang out and take some pictures. Which turned out to be a lot of FUN. Downtown Farmington NM is basically shut down right now, not only because of this whole COVID thing, but they are also completely revamping out downtown area. Which should turn out nice. So anyways, we basically had the whole downtown to ourselves, with most of the businesses closed and the roads closed to traffic. His portraits came out AMAZING and i also got to catch up with an old friend. If you haven't already looked, go to my portfolio and check them out, i have uploaded a few of them there.

This one was fun because i challenged myself to play with different lighting techniques, and editing styles. And it's amazing when you challenge yourself, you end up learning more than you ever could have thought. This shoot really showed me to open up and try new and different things. I always strive to be different and offer something new and fresh, and as photographers sometimes we just get stuck in a creative rut, sometimes we have to step out and challenge ourselves, because it can lead to self development in our craft.

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