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About Josh

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m a Farmington, NM, photographer who captures fleeting moments to create lasting memories in the Four Corners area.


I grew up on a farm in Blanco, NM, a tiny town of fewer than 400 residents. There wasn’t much to do there, so I entertained myself adventuring outdoors, playing in the dirt with the animals. The slow pace of life taught me to enjoy life’s moments. And it set me up for a future capturing your moments.


I’m somewhat of a quiet guy, though I love people. I tend to stand back and observe at first, so photography is a perfect fit for me.

I bought my first camera in my early 20s. I played around with it for a bit before relegating it to the closet, like we all do with things we buy and then tire of. But about two years ago, I picked it back up. Long story short: Photography is all I’ve wanted to do since.


I believe that photos tell a story. They communicate emotion and connections, they evoke time and place.  Watching families interact and capturing their spirit and interaction in a single frame is my privilege and my pleasure. I enjoy coaxing reactions out of my subjects that lead to priceless candid shots.


The most satisfying part of my work is seeing my client’s reaction to their photos. A good photo cements a memory that can last forever. It can help you see yourself in a different, more positive light. And making memories and giving people confidence in themselves is what my business is all about. It’s why I love what I do.


I offer portrait and senior photography, family photography, sports photography and event photography, including wedding photography.


If you’re looking for a photographer in the Four Corners, including Farmington, NM; Aztec, NM; Bloomfield, NM; Durango, CO; Bayfield, CO or any of the surrounding areas, get in touch.


Let me illustrate your story.

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Josh-Velasquez Farmington NM
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